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Car Recyclers & Dismantlers Melbourne

Vic Car Removal turns that old, damaged, or scrap car or truck into valuable cash. We buy cars of every make and condition to recycle and put cash into the hands of our customers. Go green with your Car Disposal by recycling it with the experts at Vic Car Removal for a Top Cash sale!

Car Recyclers & Dismantlers Melbourne

We Go Green with Car Disposals, Paying You Top Cash!

We love being the green Car Recyclers in Victoria, Australia that can offer our customers cash for the removal of their old, damaged, and scrap cars. We are not a car removal company that tells car owners that we will remove their cars for a hundred or two hundred dollars. We are a car removal company that asks you for the specifics of your car so that we can make our best “Cash offer for Cars and Trucks”. We buy cars in every condition and consider all things when making offers. With our appraisal process, we can make top cash offers as we base our quote on many factors. We make offers for the recycle value of cars, taking into consideration the make, condition, to the weight and the size of the car. We consider all things when buying cars and trucks. Appraising vehicles accurately is how we outbid our competitors when it comes to the cash offers for the sale of cars.

We Pay Cash to Collect & Recycle Cars and Trucks Melbourne

How does instant cash for your car or truck recycle sound? We provide green car recycles that pay quick cash. With our knowledge in cars, and in recycling cars, you could not ask for a better buyer for your old, damaged, or Scrap Car in Melbourne. When we buy cars & trucks, our customers get the cash sale that they can be satisfied with, and a free car removal Melbourne.

We Remove Cars & Trucks Melbourne – Free Car & Truck Removals Melbourne

With Vic Car Removal, we are a courtesy provider for free car and truck removals. Our aim is to provide eco-friendly services, and we accomplish our goal with free removals and recycling. Your removal is the time that you will sell your car to u and is always carried out at a time that is convenient for you. Whether you would like to have your car or truck sold and removed today or later in the week, we will be there at a time that is convenient for you. At the time of your car removal, we will provide all paperwork to purchase the car or truck and a cash payment.

Why Choose Us?

Where else can you get your unwanted car sold over the phone, and be counting the cash for the sale of your car the same day that you accept that easy-to-obtain quote? Where else are you going to have free recycling services that don’t require that you tow your car to us? With Vic Car Removal, you have a car buyer & recycler that is also is your removal company. A removal company that is in the business to keep their name strong and do so with high cash payouts.

We love our business, and love when we collect cars, offering car owners the ease of getting rid of a car that would otherwise be nearly impossible to get rid of, and paying cash to close the sale! With us, you have more than the sale for your car; you have all our services as a courtesy.

To obtain a cash quote for your car, give us a call at 0420 767 076

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