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Car Removals Melbourne

Do you have a scrap or old car you are ready to have hauled off your property? Vic Car Removal is just the right company to trust with such a task.

When you have a vehicle you are ready to get rid of, you don’t have to pay someone or some junkyard to come and tow it away for you. As a matter of fact, you should never give away such vehicles without getting paid for them and this is where we bring the difference.

With our removal services, we don’t just help you get rid of unwanted vehicles from your property, but also we pay instant cash commensurate with the value of the vehicle. With us, you can get up to $20K in Instant Cash for Unwanted Cars.

Car Removals Melbourne

Car Removals Melbourne

We Accept all Car makes And Models

Whether you have a scrap Toyota, a used Subaru, a wrecked Ford, a totaled Mitsubishi or any other type of vehicle in any condition, we are ready to offer you Free Removal Services, in addition to putting up to $20k in your pocket for the car. You thus have no reasons stopping you from calling Vic Car Removal to find out the value of your old car and get a no-obligation offer for the car.

How we manage to pay you top dollars for your cars

Most people normally wonder how we manage to pay up to $20K for old and used cars in Melbourne. But we would like to bring to your attention that we have been in this industry long enough, during which we have formed the necessary networks with different stakeholders such as auto wreckers and other networks of professionals.

As such, we know how to get the maximum value out of every vehicle and we will never stop until every salvageable part is removed. Additionally, we have experienced auto appraisers in our team and with their skills; we are able to give more commensurate offers on all the kinds of cars we purchase. These are some of the reasons why we are able to give top dollars to our customers with our car removal services in Melbourne.

Save and eco-friendly car removal services

Being a car removal company that understands the need to take good care of the environment, our car removal processes are safe and very friendly to the environment. None of our operations is designed to harm the environment in any way and our Car Removal And Disposal process is eco-friendly and has been designed to leave the least imprint on Mother Earth.

Get Free Instant Offers

Are you ready for a FREE instant cash offer on your car you desire to be removed? All you have to do is call Vic Car Removal at or 0420 767 076, then one of our auto appraisers will get in touch with you to ask a few details about your cars to facilitate the preparation of an offer commensurate to the value of your car.

Alternatively, you can fill in the auto quote form on our website, giving the details of your vehicle and you will be presented with an instant cash offer. Depending on your flexibility, we can be in your compound within four hours if you live in Melbourne or the neighboring regions

Schedule removal at your own convenient time

Our car removal services in Melbourne are available on a 24/7 basis. This gives you the flexibility to schedule for the removal at the most convenient time for you so that you don’t interfere with your busy schedule. Whether you need at night or during the weekends or on a public holiday, we will show up at the most convenient time for you.

Contact us today at  or 0420 767 076 for quality and reliable car removal services in Melbourne.

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