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Vic Car Removal specializes in offering different car removal services to the car owners in Melbourne. We have been in the industry long enough to know what is needed to leave a car removal customer with a smile on their face, and it is always our endeavor to provide the best services to our clients.

With the experience, expertise and rich blend of cash for cars professionals we have, you can trust us for the following car removal services-:

Vic Car Removal

Unwanted Car Removal

We are the best guys to call when you have an unwanted car you want to be removed. Whether it is an old model that stalled decades ago or it’s a used car which has become expensive to maintain, we will be glad to offer you with Free Removal Services and pay you instant cash for the car.

Scrap Car Melbourne

No matter how wrecked or damaged the car might be, you can still use our removal services to get rid of it and instant cash in your pocket. We don’t discriminate against the age, make or model of the car. Call us today at or 0420 767 076 if you have a scrap you needed removed and get paid instant cash for it.

Utes, Trucks and Van Removals

We are not just experienced in moving small cars. We also have the manpower, and the experience to handle large removals such as those of trucks and vans, as well as Utes. Talk to us today at if you have any trucks, vans or Utes you needed to be removed immediately.

Car Disposal Melbourne

Car disposal Melbourne is one of our specialization here at Vic Car Removal. Our car disposal methods are fast, reliable and efficient. Since we are also conscious of the need to preserve and protect our environment, we use only those methods that are safe and eco-friendly, and which will leave minimum footprints on Mother Earth.

Car Wreckers

We are also privileged to be one of the trusted car wreckers in Melbourne. We have invested in the necessary tools and machinery needed to tear cars apart and ensure that all the useful components and parts which could be salvaged are removed.

We have an extensive network of auto dealers and other auto professionals who are guaranteed to find a market for the various parts in your car. In this manner, you are still guaranteed of making some decent money, irrespective of the make, model or condition of your car.

Salvage car removal

When your car has been declared as salvage, there is no need to attempt repairing it. You will end up spending more money than necessary, with no guarantees that the car will be back to its previous form. The best thing to do is to sell it to Cash For Car Company like Vic Car Removal instead of continuing to hold onto it, even though it is bringing you zero benefits at that state.

Call us today at or 0420 767 076 for these services, or any other car removal service in Melbourne you may need. We are versatile and flexible enough and we will meet all your needs as far as Cash for Cars services is concerned.

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