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My Car Was Declared Salvage. Is it Possible to Sell It?

Posted On March 13th, 2017

When your car is declared salvage, it implies that it will cost more to repair compared to its current value. In such instances, repairing such cars don’t make financial sense, since you can as well use the money for the repair to acquire a new one of similar value. But if find yourself in this situation, all hope is not lost.

There are a few places at your disposal where you could sell the car, albeit at a lower cost, but it will be worth it as opposed to letting it collect dust and rust in your backyard. Here are some of the places you could sell your car if it was declared salvage-:

Insurance company

Your insurance company is the first place to consider selling the car when it has been declared salvage. In most instances, they will offer you a settlement for your car in the form of cash payment. Our rates are one of the best and the highest for old cars. They like to buy such cars because they have a way of disposing of the car at a higher value than they got it from you, thus they end up making profits in the process.

Full-service salvage yards

If you didn’t want to sell your car to the insurance companies, you can decide to sell it to a full-service salvage yard that will then tear it apart for parts and components. One beauty of dealing with full-service salvage yards is the fact they are the end users and there is no one else in the supply chain and this ensures that you end up with good cash from your salvaged vehicle. Most of the salvage yards are recyclers who after dismantling the car will sell parts to body shops, dealerships, and garages which might be in need of the various parts and components.

Car Removal Companies

The other option available at your disposal when you need to sell your salvage car is to sell to the cars for cash companies. There are quite a number of such companies in Victoria and all you have to do is research for a reputable one that will offer you good rates and nice removal experience. Working with a Removal Company is always nice because most of them accept cars in any condition and they will never discriminate against the make or the model.

Additionally, they also offer Free Removal Services, hence you are never worried about incurring extra costs in having the car delivered to their yards.

Call Vic Car Removal today at or 0420 767 076 for the best salvage car removal services in Victoria. They are a reputable company who will take care of all your car removal needs in Victoria.