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My Car Was Issued A Defect Notice – What Should I Do Now?

Posted On August 12th, 2020

In Victoria, a defect notice can be issued to a vehicle if it does not meet roadworthiness requirements and registration standards. VicRoads, the police and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) have the power to issue defect notices. If your car’s been issued a defect notice, you have two options to consider (as listed below).

Sell Your Car to An Auto Wrecker in Melbourne

If your car is found to be unroadworthy, then you need to take the necessary steps to make it roadworthy again. You can’t sell your car to a private buyer unless it is roadworthy. But it’s okay to Sell Your Car for Cash to an auto wrecker without reinstating it to its roadworthiness. This is because a wrecker will buy, wreck and recycle the car for its scrap metals. So, since the car won’t be driven on the roads and pose a danger to other motorists, selling your car with a defect notice is legal as long as you sell it to a licensed and insured Car Wrecker in Melbourne.



Fix Up the Car to Make It Roadworthy Again

Your other option is to fix up the car to make it roadworthy again. This can cost you anywhere from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars, depending on the repairs to be made. Why go through all that hassle? And there’s no guarantee that fixing up the issues will make your car roadworthy. You will have to have the car tested and be given a roadworthy certificate. If you fail to obtain a roadworthy certificate within 28 days of receiving a defect notice, your car’s registration might be suspended, which means you cannot drive the car anymore. The safer, easier and smarter option would be to simply Sell Your Car for Cash.

We Pay Top Cash for Cars in Melbourne

If you have a car that’s been issued a defect notice, get in touch with Vic Car Removal today. We are a licensed and insured Car Wrecker in Melbourne that buys cars of all makes and conditions. Whether your car is old, unroadworthy, wrecked, used, unwanted, junk or flood-damaged, you can still get a Top Cash for Cars to offer for it with us.

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