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How To Apply For An Unregistered Vehicle Permit In Melbourne?

Posted On September 20th, 2019

In Victoria, motorists cannot drive an Unregistered Vehicle unless they have an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) or their vehicle is exempt from registration. There are several reasons to obtain a UVP and it can be obtained when your vehicle is unregistered, or it is considered impractical to need to register your vehicle during the period you wish to get the permit.

Some of the reasons to obtain a UVP might include:

  • Moving the vehicle between 2 locations as a one-off event
  • When driving a rally vehicle on public roads
  • When using a carnival float on public roads
  • When heavy equipment (usually construction-based) is required to cross or operate
    roads but cannot meet usual road requirements

You can apply for Unregistered Vehicle Permits in Victoria by visiting the VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

To help you apply for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit, Victoria Car Removal has put together the simply steps you must follow.

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Step 1: Check Your Vehicle’s Current Registration and Condition

To obtain a UVP, your vehicle must of course not be currently registered. You must declare that
it is safe to drive on roads or highways.

Your vehicle must also not be:

  • Recorded as stolen
  • Listed as a statutory write-off
  • Suspended due to safety issues that aren’t currently repaired.

Step 2: Prepare Your Details & Paperwork

Obtaining a UVP requires that you provide certain details about yourself and your vehicle in question.

You will need to provide:

  • Your phone number
  • Your full name and address
  • Your email address
  • The address of your vehicle’s garage

You will need to provide details about your vehicle, including:

  • Its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), chassis or engine number
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Body type
  • Colour

Step 3: Choosing Your Unregistered Vehicle Permit

There are different types of UVPs you can get, depending on the situation it covers.

1. Preparation for Registration

For ‘Preparation for Registration’ permit in Victoria, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Roadworthiness, a Vehicle Identity Validation Certificate, have any required repairs made, and a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme Approval Certificate.

2. Single Trip or Journey

This means taking the vehicle from one location to another on a one-off basis. These last a maximum of 7 days and can only be one direct route as specified on the permit.

3. Construction Zones

Such as heavy machinery that doesn’t typically meet normal road requirements)

4. Tracked Vehicles

Such as all-terrain vehicles like snowmobiles.

Step 4: Apply for Your UVP

When applying for a UVP, you must decide on how long you need it for. You can apply for an for the ‘Preparation for Registration in Victoria’ or ‘Single Trip or Journey’ type permits, depending on your requirements.

Step 5: Display the UVP On Your Vehicle and Remove Registration Plates

Your unregistered vehicle will be required to have its registration plates removed. The UVP must be displayed on:

  • The lower left or near side portion of the front windscreen window of the vehicle OR
  • To any fixed window or
  • To the left or rear side of the vehicle.

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