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The Right Time to Sell Your Scrap Car in Victoria

Posted On March 4th, 2018

Being an owner of a dead, junk, damaged or overused car is sure to be troublesome. It is “scrap” and taking up unnecessary space in the backyard or garage. Selling a scrap car seems like another hassle. Along with the legalities of the sale, there can be many other things to consider. If your car is not in the right condition you have to fix and repair it, find a buyer and negotiate a price, going back and forth till both the parties are in agreement. Just the thought of the time, money and effort it will take to sell a scrap car makes most car owners give up before they even start, allowing their cars to collect dust and lose value as the days go by. This is why, Selling Your Scrap Car to a Car Removal Company is considered a much better and reliable option.

Do Not Wait Too Long

A common practice among a lot of car owners is to put off selling the car, waiting for a better offer. What you need to consider is that, while your car might hold sentimental value to you, it is just an old or damaged car to a potential buyer. So, the first thing to do is to gain some objective and look at the car for what it really is – a scrap car. The longer you wait for better quotes and top dollars, the lesser your car’s value becomes. Understand that the car is made up of metal and hence can rust easily and deteriorate pretty fast. The smart thing to do is to shop for quotes and settle on one that offers you the best value and instant cash.

Know the True Value of Your Car

Car Removal Companies accept cars of any make or model, regardless of the condition. However, the prices do vary according to the condition of your car. That is why, if your car is still running, it definitely should fetch you top dollars. The Scrap Cars are either auctioned off or are recycled and wrecked. If your car is in a better condition, is functional and in a better shape, it will definitely take less effort in the disposal process.

Understand the Blue Book Value of Your Car

Knowing the blue book value of your car will give you prespective. Once you know the actual value of the car, you can then add cost of repairs and damage and come up with a reasonable estimate for your car.

We here at VIC Car Removal have been helping car owners with free car removals and instant cash offers. We offer instant cash up to $20,000. Contact us at or 0420 767 076.